The Only Woman Aboard – New Publication

Cover Image of a Zeppelin and Lady Grace Drummond-Hay
The Only Woman Aboard – Written by Selina Lock, Artwork by David O’Connell & Designed by Jay Eales

The Only Woman Aboard is a new Biographical Booklet.

A twenty eight page full colour booklet/zine including:

  • Fourteen Page Biographical Essay – Lady Grace Drummond Hay: Lovestruck Glamourous Young Thing or Ambitious Feminist Journalist?
  • Nine Page Comic Strip – Lady of the Skies

Available to purchase in the UK via Etsy.

Panel from Lady of the Skies
Lady Drummond-Hay aboard the Graf Zeppelin.
Attribution Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-08192 CC-BY-SA 3.0

Nottingham Does Comics & Five Leaves Graphic

Nottingham Does Comics (Tues, 19th Sept, 2017)

Last Tuesday Jay and I nipped over to Nottingham for an evening of comicky goodness. We headed to Nottingham Writer’s Studio for the bi-monthly meeting of Nottingham Does Comics, who kindly hosted us as guest speakers back in June.

This time around, the guests were Magoria Studios co-founders: writer William Starling and illustrator Adam Willis, and Drugs & Wires webcomic creator Cryoclaire (aka Mary Safro).

William and Adam talked about the steep learning curve of jumping into comic creation and setting up Magoria Studios as a comics publisher. They had initially planned on working on a wide-ranging mythological based graphic novel series, but soon realised that it would be best to put out a few short one-shot comics first. Their first publication was a short comic called Filigree.

They’ve been doing lots of work behind the scenes to establish themselves as a business, looking at distribution routes and mentoring new creators. They are hoping to have lots more comics out soon, starting with the younger reader aimed Drones.


Cryoclaire has been publishing her webcomic Drugs & Wires for two years and has gained a loyal following for this alternative past cyberpunk tale. She talked about how the comic came into existence due to posting sketches of the characters and setting online – this led to people asking when she’d be doing a webcomic. On admitting that she wasn’t a writer as such, one of her online friends suggested that they work on the storylines/writing together and she gained her writer Io Black. The two live in different countries and mainly work via online chat and skype.

We picked up the first two printed issues of the comic on the night and the third issue at Thought Bubble a few days later (as we are terrible at reading comics online and prefer good ole dead tree). Highly recommended and if you’re not luddites like us you can read all the story so far online.

There were lots of questions for the speakers and then a chance to natter to other attendees, and it was all highly enjoyable.

We’re hoping to make it to the next meeting on Tuesday 14th November & you should to, as they have an excellent line-up in the form of Corinne Pearlman, Jade Sarson & Sally Jane Thompson.

Five Leaves Graphic 

Before the NDC meeting, we also popped into Five Leaves Bookshop for a meeting with my editor and publishers at Five Leaves Publishing. Five Leaves are a radical, literary and political small independent press who have been publishing books since 1996 and running Five Leaves Bookshop since 2013.

One of their latest initiatives is Five Leaves Graphic – an imprint for comics, graphic novels and related books. Their first publication was East of Aleppo – Bread, Bombs and Video Clips, by Brick.

I’m working on a book for them about my own personal journey researching the history of women working in British comics. I’m aiming to give an overview of the many women that have contributed to the industry from the 1860s to the present day. It won’t be comprehensive, as I’ll be concentrating on the stories that interest or resonate with me, but I hope it will showcase the largely ignored history of women in comics. The writers, artists, editors, publishers, letterers, colourists, designers, art editors etc…

Provisional Cover – Illustration by Marie Duval from Judy 1860s

Our visit to Thought Bubble at the weekend proved once again that there can be no denying the huge talent pool of women currently working in comics in the UK!

Provisional publication date: June 2018.


Events: Nottingham Does Comics & ArtBeat

Jay & I will be guests at Nottingham Does Comics on the 13th June.

Weird Worlds and How We Build Them @ ArtBeat 2017

The Speculators (the writing group we are in) will be running this event for the Clarendon Park ArtBeat Festival on Friday 23rd June at 6.30pm.

Friends Meeting House (Small Meeting Room), 16 Queens Rd, Leicester.

How do you create a fictional world? A discussion about world building within SF&F and related genres.

 Event Link

The Fiction Frontier – Starting to Write Science Fiction

22 October at 14:30–15:30

Leicester Central Library, Bishop Street, Leicester LE1 6AA

A panel discussion with Jay Eales, Selina Lock and James Worrad from The Speculators., a Leicester writing group. We will cover writing fan fiction, short stories, novels, comics & short films.

BOOKING ESSENTIAL – call the library on 0116 2995401
For more information on StarBase and the Sci-Fi festival, go
For more information on The Speculators, go to

Facebook event:

Here, there and everywhere in May

May turned into a very busy month for us with lots of events with some kind of creative connection…

First off was a visit to The Lakes with friends from The Speculators writing group. No writing was done, but we did lots of sight-seeing of writing-related places.

Writers in the rain!

Writers in the rain – at Wordsworth’s favourite writing spot.

Applied Comics Network Event - information, educational & factual comics.

Applied Comics Network Event – information, educational & factual comics.

Next up was a trip down to London for the inaugural Applied Comics Network Event, which I had been invited to speak at about the sessions I do at work about using comics to communicate research. I’ve blogged this in detail over on my work blog.

We both did readings at the latest Fox Bites event, which is a Leicester event for writers to read 5 minutes extracts of their work in a relaxed atmosphere in a local cafe. Organised by the lovely Adele (aka Aunty Fox) of Fox Spirit Books.

Jay entertains the audience with a sci-fi tale.

Jay entertains the audience with a sci-fi tale.

Jay read his short story Spare Change, which originally appeared in Murky Depths. While I read Once in a Blue Moon, a piece of flash fiction I wrote for the event.

The others writers who read were:

  • Daniel Ribot (author of Vampsov 1938) read his short story A Gentleman’s Agreement.
  • Marianne Whiting read an extract from her Viking novel Sheildmaiden.
  • Carol Leeming read an extract from her choreopoem – The Loneliness of the the Long Distance Diva.
  • Selina talks ancient hearts.

    Selina talks ancient hearts.

    Mayapee Chowdhury read a short story from her collection Embarrassing Siblings, Playground Taunts and other Growing Pains.

  • Leah ‘Ileandra’ Osbourne read an extract from one of her novels.

I went on a rather different creative jaunt during for the second Bank Holiday weekend, as I went on a sewing retreat. It was good fun and I learnt lots of new crafting techniques…

#sewingretreat winding up. Had a great time & learnt lots :-)

Fruits of my sewing labours.

May is being rounded-off with Jay busy working on a short story and a Speculators critiquing session this weekend.

Oh, and April brought the news that To End All Wars has been nominated for TWO Eisner Awards! Very exciting to have written for an Eisner nominated book!

Pimping our prose stories

I was rather busy in 2014 promoting ‘To End All Wars‘, so I forgot to give our prose stories the shameless self-promotion they deserve…

My most recent short story appeared in ‘Iris Wildthyme of Mars

Iris Wildthyme of MarsThe Red Planet.

Everyone agrees about the colour, at least. The rest is up for grabs.

Is Mars a dead and sterile desert, or teeming with life?

Are Martians red, green or blue? Nubile and lithe, or monstrously tentacular?

These Marses are of course incompatible, contradictory, and in many cases quite impossible. And Iris Wildthyme has visited them all.

My story Death on the Euphrates sees Iris and her companion Panda splashing down into a canal of Mars and becoming embroiled in several mysteries.

The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3

While Jay wrote The Revenant for The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3.

Twelve stories of supermen, cops, Mysterymen, samurai and private eyes from the likes of Kim Newman, Rod Rees, Tony Richards and more … thrilling tales of pure Pulp Adventure.


Jay’s previous prose publications:

Burning With Optimism's FlamesMightier than the Sword, Faction Paradox: A Romance in Twelve Parts, Obverse Books, 2011

Imaginary Kingdom, Alt-Zombie, Hersham Horror, 2012

Nine TenthsTerror Scribes, Doghorn Publishing, 2012

Faction Paradox: Burning With Optimism’s Flames, Editor, Obverse Books, August 2012

The Five Faces of FearBorn Among Briars, More Tales of the City, Obverse Books, 2013

The Five Faces of Fear (The Periodic Adventures of Señor 105 #8), Manleigh Books, November 2013

Zeitgeist, Terror Tales Volume 2, #1, Rainfall Books, June 2014

Selina’s previous prose publications:

Green Eyed and GrimThe Periodic Adventure of Seňor 105: Green Eyed and Grim (Novella), Manleigh Books (2013)

The Great and PowerfulThe Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders, Alchemy Press (2012)

Light Fingers, Terror Scribes, Doghorn Publishing (2012)

Ancient Wonders 002Lone and Level Sands, Alt-Zombie, Hersham Horror (2012)

The League Against Santa Claus

The League Against Santa Claus

by Selina Lock

The blue-hooded figure stepped up to the podium. His long, grey beard looked in need of a good trim, but his beady eyes took in the motley crowd before him. He banged his staff on the wooden floor and the murmur of voices slowly faded.

“I call to order this meeting of The League Against Santa Claus” he said in a voice that filled the village hall and made the straggly tinsel and foil stars sway slightly.

“First order of business is a battle plan to destroy that lowly upstart Santa Claus!”

This produced a ragged cheer from the crowd, with a crashing of chains from the hairy, cloven-hoofed beast in the far corner. The beast’s long red tongue lolled out of his mouth in a sinister smile.

The bearded man banged his staff again and started detailing his battle plan. After about forty five minutes of this, the Yule Goat spat out the fake Christmas tree branch he’d been idly gnawing and bleated for attention.

“I was promised biscuits and akvavit. Bring on the nibbles!” the goat demanded. The hooded man glared at him. The goat stared back, chewing the cud calmly before speaking.

“You know we’ll just follow your lead Odin. No need to bore us all to death with the details.”

“Boiled adzuki beans done yet?” two men in identical ogre masks and straw capes chimed up in unison.

Odin banged his staff on the floor again and stalked off stage.

“Fine, the nibbles are at the back” he said.

The Yule Goat ambled after him.

“Who invited the two namahage?” he asked Odin, gesturing with one hoof towards the men in the ogre masks. “They’re New Year demons. We don’t want them muscling in on our territory.”

Odin sighed. “We’re a bit short on troops this year and they did make a compelling argument that Santa had nicked their naughty kids shtick.”

They all got stuck into the stollen, Christmas themed beer and akvavit. The party was very convivial until Krampas attempted to dance on one of the tables. They decided it was time to take him home before he hurt someone.

Odin surveyed his troops. The drunken beast, the masked twins and the abnormally large goat. He wished Thor hadn’t been too busy in Hollywood to attend this year. He banged his staff again and the other members of the League rolled their eyes at him.

“Remember, we meet at the North Pole at noon on Christmas Eve. Anyone who needs a lift can hitch a ride with the wild hunt.”

On Christmas Eve they gathered on a snow-packed peak overlooking Santa’s grotto. Odin was sporting a shiny new blue robe, had combed his beard for the occasion and was sitting astride his eight-legged horse Sleipnir. Krampus had polished his chains and the Yule Goat was sporting one of those red Scandinavian style scarves that were all the rage. The namahage were jigging about and grumbling about the cold. Behind them, the ghostly horses of the wild hunt stamped their hooves, while their riders waved their spears and bows.

Odin’s ravens Huginn and Muninn could be seen flying above the grotto, scouting out the territory. They returned a few minutes later to make their report. Odin trotted forward and addressed his troops.

“It appears Santa got wind of our assault and has recruited a couple of security yeti, but we mustn’t let that stop us. This is our year! Ready your weapons.”

The riders, demons and beasts shifted around and tensed their muscles. Odin turned Sleipnir to face the grotto and raised his staff.


The strange crew thundered down the bank towards Santa’s workshop. An answering roar was heard, as lumbering yeti appeared, reindeer bolted out of the stables and the jolly man in the red suit rallied his own troops.

As the two sides got nearer, Odin released the first snowball, which hit Santa square in the chest.

“First point to us” Odin shouted in triumph.

Then the Yule Goat locked horns with Rudolph, the wild hunt went up against the other reindeer and Krampus and the namahage twins targeted the yeti. The snowball fight began in earnest.

The noise from the fight caused Mrs Claus and head Elf Freda to come running out of the house, where they’d been having a well-earned hot chocolate break. They skidded to a halt, as a snowball landed at their feet. Mrs Claus shook her head.

“Every year, every damn year this happens. He promised it wouldn’t interfere with loading the sleigh, but oh no, they have to have their fun. Men!”

She threw her hands up in the air and Freda patted her on the shoulder, not easy when you are an elf of restricted stature.

“Good job we organised extra elf shifts, just in case.”

“You’re a life-saver, or a Christmas saver in this case Freda” Mrs Claus replied. “Come on then, let’s get that sleigh loaded.”

They turned back towards the workshop, with whoops and yells ringing in their ears.

“But if he thinks he’s sleeping in our bed tonight he’s very much mistaken” Mrs Claus muttered as she went.

LICAF Highlights

Last weekend we were at The Lakes International Comics Art Festival in Kendal.

Love the extra little touches at @comicartfest #licaf like these mirror stickers.

Our highlights were:

  • Staying with our friend Julie in her lovely cottage and seeing this view at breakfast:

The misty Lake District...

  • The Scott McCloud talk on Friday evening which was inspirational and entertaining.
  • Being on the ‘To End All Wars – Art of Editing” panel and taking part in the TEAW signing afterwards. Sorry I didn’t get to speak to some of other contributors properly! (Selina)

TEAW talk Lakes

Jonathan Clode, Stuart Richards, Selina Lock (I’m looking a tad serious there!) & John ‘Brick’ Stuart Clark at the TEAW – Art of Editing Panel. Photo courtesy of Alex Fitch


  • Catching up with lots of friends and helping out on the Borderline Press table.
  • Meeting with folks from Lancaster University who are doing a research project looking at comics as a means of research communication.
  • The Audrey Niffenegger talk – which started with the most surreal moment of the weekend – being introduced to Eddie Campbell & Audrey before the talk by Sarah McIntyre, so that Eddie could identify comic panels on my comic strip skirt!
  • Being interviewed by Alex Fitch for a forthcoming podcast on our involvement with Obverse Books – Jay editing and writing for their Faction Paradox line, me writing for Iris Wildthyme and us both writing for the Senor 105 pulp novella line.
  • Becky Cloonan talk.
  • Felt Mistress workshop (Selina) and making a felt creature (not quite finished yet):

Beardy felt creature which I made in @feltmistress workshop at #licaf Hope to finish making it later in the week.

  • Nick Abadzis & Rian Hughes talks (Jay).
  • Buying far too many comics and graphic novels….
  • Including new Strangehaven by Gary Spencer Millidge in Meanwhile…
  • Just some of the swag…

LICAF swag 1

LICAF swag 2

LICAF swag 9


Upcoming events: The Lakes, Thought Bubble & Signing

Jay and I will be heading up to The Lakes International Comics Art Festival next weekend (Friday 17th – Sunday 19th Oct), with a boot full of Borderline Press books to drop off at the Comics Clocktower.


Including the new Verity Fair collection by Terry Wiley, which we’re very excited to see as Verity first saw publication in the pages of The Girly Comic.

 To End All Wars

 On Sat 18th at 10.30am I’ll be appearing on the To End all Wars – The Art of Editing panel, as one of the ‘ brow-beaten’ contributors. This will be followed by a mass signing featuring the attending TEAW contributors. Come along and say Hi!

Also looking forward to attending lots of the other events at The Lakes.

We’ll be heading up to Thought Bubble in November.

Looking forward to seeing the glory of three halls of stalls and catching up with lots of friends.

Very excited to have been asked to do a local book signing for ‘To End All Wars’ at the University of Leicester bookshop on Tues Dec 2nd. More details when confirmed.

What we’re up to at FantasyCon

It’s only a few days to FantasyCon starts on Friday (and our holiday from the day jobs begin). Here’s the places you’ll be guaranteed to see us at FCon:

Friday 5th Sept

5.00pm – WORKSHOP: Writing for Comics
From idea to sale, what do you have to do? (limited to 20 attendees on sign-up sheet at Registration)
Selina Lock, Jay Eales

Saturday 6th Sept

2.00pm – The Alchemy Press Book Launch
Kneeling in the Silver Light anthology edited by Dean Drinkel
The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2 anthology edited by Jan Edwards & Jenny Barber
The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3 anthology edited by Mike Chinn
Nick Nightmare Investigates limited edition collection by Adrian Cole
Merry-Go-Round limited edition collection by Bryn Fortey

The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3Jay has a story in The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3 called The Revenant.

 Inspired by equal parts Lamont (The Shadow) Cranston and Jim (The Spectre) Corrigan, “When the city cries out for justice, the Revenant responds.”

7.00pm – Comics on the Small Screen
Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, the Flash, Daredevil, Peggy Carter – is TV the new cinema for superior superhero drama?
Maura McHugh (m), Selina Lock, Guy Adams, Mike Chinn, Den Patrick

We’re also looking forward to going to some of the other items on the schedule, catching up with friends and meeting new people. We’re always happy to chat, so grab us to say ‘Hi!’ if you’ll be there.