“To End All Wars” Release & Launch

I’m very excited that this WWI graphic anthology is on its way from the printers to Soaring Penguin Press and will be arriving through letter boxes and in shops soon.

That’s partly because it looks like an interesting collection covering lots of lesser known aspects of WWI and £2 from the sale of each book will go to help the charity Médecins Sans Frontières. But mainly it’s because I wrote a fifteen page strip for it, called Go Home and Sit Still, which has been illustrated by Arthur Goodman.

Dr Elsie Inglis inspects the hospital staff.

Dr Elsie Inglis inspects the hospital staff.

Our strip looks at the experiences of the women of the Scottish Women’s Hospital that went out to support Serbian troops in Russia in 1916/7.

The inclement Russian climate takes it's toll on the roads the the hospital transport.

The inclement Russian climate takes it’s toll on the roads & the hospital transport.


I’ll also be at both launch events and the signing at The Lakes Comic Arts Festival.

Midlands dwellers can join us at the Five Leaves Bookshop launch on Wed 30th July at 7pm. Please RSVP, as the venue will depend on attendance.

Nottingham Launch

Nottingham Launch

For those of you in the Big Smoke there is a launch at Gosh! Comics on August 20th.

London Launch

London Launch


Lots of links:

Buy To End All Wars from Soaring Penguin Press (£13.99 pre-publication special), from Amazon and from all good comic/book shops.

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Terror Tales, Volume 3 Number 2 – Spring 2014


Containing the first publication of one of my earliest stories: Zeitgeist. Something of a period piece now, Zeitgeist focuses on the historic day in tiny market town Allerdale where they received their very first cash machine… and the workmen disturb more than just the town luddites in the process. Featuring Uncle Henry, the Fast Food Exorcist.

“I were talking to me mam about… y’know… the Ess Pee Oh Oh Kay. And she reckoned as how we should have a word with me Uncle Henry. Him as runs the Chippy? Apparently, he’s the seventh son of a seventh son, or summat. Does a bit of exorcising on the side, like. So I asked him to come over.” She finished her little speech with a flourish, “He said he’ll be in later, when he’s had a chance to get the taters in.”

The full line-up is:

Terror Tales Spring 2014, Vol. 3 No. 2, Issue 10 (RAIN130)

Edited by John B Ford & Steve Lines

Walpurgis Homecoming by Franklyn Searight

Zeitgeist by Jay Eales

The Lost Guitar of Jordan Wells by Sue Phillips

The Change Will Do You Good by Mark Walker

The Manor of Madness by Lee Clark Zumpe

What Dark World by Glynn Barrass

Available from Rainfall Records & Books for £4.50 including P&P.

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Jay predicts the future


Jay predicts the FUTURE!

A panel by Terry Wiley from the 2009 Mid-Winter Comic  Retreat (MCR)  – Project  GoggleBox.

Jay wrote a storyline in the comic that allowed MCR attendees to reach into an old TV and retrieve items – here he decides to bring back all the missing Doctor Who episodes starring Patrick Troughton.

In 2013 the Troughton stories Web of Fear and Enemy of the World were found.

Coincidence? …. You decide….