Selina Lock

Selina is a writer, comic creator, comics workshop leader and crafter.

Co-Founder: Factor Fiction – 2000 – present


Editor: The Girly Comic & The Girly Webcomic – 2001 – 2011

The Girly Comic was short-listed for the following awards: National Comics Award for Best Small Press/Indy Comic (2003 & 2004), Comic Creator’s Guild Award for Best Small Press Title (2006), British Fantasy Award for Best Comic/Graphic Novel (2009 & 2010).

Go Home and Sit Still written by Selina Lock, illustrated by Arthur Goodman, To End All Wars, Soaring Penguin Press. To End All Wars was nominated for the 2015 Eisner Awards for Best Reality Based Work and Best Anthology.

A Guinea Pig’s Guide to Cancer Drug Clinical Trials, illustrated by Sarah Al Hazmi, Asteroid Belter: The Newcastle Science Comic

Lady of the Skies written by Selina Lock, illustrated by David O’Connell, Ink+PAPER #1

Yesterday, all my troubles… by Selina Lock, illustrated by Staticgirl, Sugar Glider Stories #2

War Canary written by Selina Lock, illustrated by INJ Culbard, War: The Human Cost. (Also appeared in The Girly Comic)

Angela D’eath, written by Selina Lock, illustrated by Dave Windett, Baddis #1 (also appeared in The Girly Comic)

Pumpkin Coach, written by Allen Ashley & Selina Lock, illustrated by Mayko Fry, The Girly Comic #21

What Women Want, written by Selina Lock, illustrated by Jane McGuinness, The Girly Comic #18

Rescue Me, written by Selina Lock, illustrated by Jenni Scott, Motodraconis & Debra Boyask, The Girly Comic #16

When Toilets Attack!, written by Selina Lock, illustrated by Toby Ford, The Girly Comic #4

Kissability, written by Selina Lock, illustrated by Graeme Neil Reid, The Girly Comic #1


Slide One (Presentation Notes) – The Sundering of the Kingdom, Bollock to Brexit: An Anthology of Poems and Short Fiction (2019)

Angels on a Hoverbike, Tales of the Civil War, Obverse Books (2017)

Brenda’s Bad Day, A  Treasury of Brenda and Effie, Obverse Books (2017)

Death on the Euphrates, Iris Wildthyme of Mars, Obverse Books (2014)

The Periodic Adventure of Seňor 105: Green Eyed and Grim (Novella), Manleigh Books/Obverse Books (2013)

Light Fingers, Terror Scribes Anthology, Doghorn Publishing (2012)

Lone and Level Sands, Alt-Zombie, Hersham Horror (2012)


The Only Woman Aboard, (Pamphlet/Zine), Factor Fiction (2019) – also reprints the Lady of the Skies comic strip (illustrated by David O’Connell)


Discourse, published by the online magazine Collective Unrest, July 2019.


Brain Scrapings #1-#3 (Personal Zine)

Co-Editor: Prism, British Fantasy Society Newsletter – April – September 2007

Novel and Graphic Novel Reviewer: British Fantasy Society – 2007 – 2014.

Columnist: Borderline: The Comics Magazine – 2002 – 2004

Committee Member: Caption Comics Convention – 2005 – 2011

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