‘Do Something’ – charity zine

Cover by Jay Eales

Cover by Jay Eales

Ten days ago Jay and I were feeling powerless and angry about the current state of the UK, especially the reported rise in hate crime. So we decided to do something we know how to do – make a zine.

Do Something – a charity zine to raise money for ‘Hope not hate‘ was born.

Many thanks to all our contributors for such a quick and supportive response. Many thanks also to Jay, as he enables me when I have mad ideas and then does all the production work!!

Do Something

Contributions from:

  • Cover by Jay Eales
  • Introduction by Jay Eales & Selina Lock
  • Illustration by Dave Windett
  • The Cleansing by Mike Carey (short story)
  • #DrawTogether #Pinclusive illustration by Emma Reynolds
  • Pin Money by Penny Jones (short story)
  • Spread Jam illustration by Patrick Scattergood
  • Beyond Each Blue Horizon by Andrew Hook (short story)
  • The Man Who ran Through the Tunnel by Ambrose Musiyiwa (poem)
  • But One Country by Rod Duncan (poem)
  • Song of Defiance (for William Blake) by K. A. Laity (poem)
  • Cartoons & Comic Strips by P. B. Rainey
  • Five Years (Lyrics by Alan Bennett) by Paul Magrs (song lyrics/poem)
  • I Saw Life Jackets on the Beach by Emma Lee (poem)
  • Smiling in the Slaughterhouse by Cynthia Rodriguez (poem)
  • Walls (after Bobba Bennett) by Cynthia Rodriguez (poem)
  • Anti-homophobia quote from Nottingham LGBT Switchboard (non-fiction)
  • Extracts & Photos¬†from the Leicester Hate Crime Project – compiled by Selina Lock (non-fiction)
  • Illustration & Comic Strips by Vicky Stonebridge
  • Rose-Tinted Spectacles by Jay Eales & Peet Clack (comic strip)
  • Hope Remains by Mike Jennings (non-fiction)
  • Migrant/Bird Illustration by BlueLou
  • Lurid Sky by Jen Walklate (short story)
  • Weyland Street by Will Ellwood (short story)
  • Internationalist Manifesto by Simon Bennett (non-fiction)
  • Project Indigo – Daughters of War by Alasdair Stuart
  • The Gospel on How Not to Build a Tolerant Society compiled by Ambrose Musiyiwa (poem)
  • To Leicester Where We Belong by Farhana Shaikh (poem)
  • What’s In a Name? by Penny Jones (poem)

We will have 25 photocopied versions of the zine for sale at Small Press Day at Forbidden Planet Leicester, 2-5.30pm, Saturday 9th July.

Over the next few weeks we will also look at making the printed version and a PDF version more widely available for sale. Watch this blog for updates…