In January 2008 we started this webcomic and blog site with the intention of it replacing the print issues of The Girly Comic. Well, that didn’t happen! Looking back in the archives you’ll see that we posted a lot of comic strips through 2008, but had disappeared off the radar in 2009. That was due to concentrating on printing and promoting  The Girly Comic Book Vol 1. Plus the realisation that, as we had already booked tables at several conventions in 2009, we wouldn’t make our costs back unless we released new print issues.

Our love of holding new issues in our hands lured us back into the print game in 2008/9, and it wasn’t possible to sustain the webcomic at the same time. Then our websites suffered a debilitating hacker attack in late 2009. It’s taken us several months, and a lot of help from our friend Greg McElhatton to get the sites back up and running. However, now we’re back and we plan on staying!

Economic and personal circumstances have made us take a long hard look at how Factor Fiction operates, and we’ve decided that for the moment the future of The Girly Comic is here in the digital world.

So, I will be posting comic strips every Monday, which will usually run one page per day over several days. The strips will be a mixture of material from the print version of The Girly Comic, or brand new material. Next Monday we’ll be kicking off with episode 1.1 of Verityfair, our ongoing serial about a middle-aged actress by small press star Terry Wiley.

On Wednesdays I will be posting reviews of comics that I think will appeal to Girly readers, and on Fridays I will be blogging about the world of comics in general. I’m also planning on resurrecting my editorial column “Say Anything” to post news about what Girly Comic creators are up to nowadays, so if you’re a Girly Comic contributor do please let me know what projects you’re working on.

In other news, Jay & I will have a Factor Fiction stall at the free States of Independence event tomorrow, Saturday 20th March, at DeMontfort University, Leicester. If you’re the Midlands then do pop down and wander around the stalls, or attend any of the free talks that are happening throughout the day.

We’ve also found out today that The Girly Comic is on the long list for the British Fantasy Award for Best Comic/Graphic Novel 2009, which is wonderful news. The Girly Comic Book was shortlisted for the same award last year, but we lost out to Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, so we’re very pleased to have been nominated again this year.

I hope you’ll join me for this new phase of The Girly Comic, and help me stick to my intention of regularly bringing you Girly goodness!

luv & jellybabies

Selina Lock

Editor: The Girly Comic