Verity Fair, Sleaze Castle and Petra Etcetera creator Terry Wiley came to visit for a few days after Caption, so we decided it would be a good excuse to visit Nottingham.

The morning of the visit it occurred to us that D’israeli (Matt Brooker) and his partner Lynn would have arrived back from their year living in Greece. They had been travelling back the weekend of Caption, so were unable to come along, but Matt provided us with some art, as usual. A phone call later and we were off to their house.

Being gracious hosts, they’d nipped off to the nearby shops (which included a Chinese grocers) to buy some biscuits. Which is how we came to be trying out Wife Cakes and other strange foodstuffs.

Matt models Wife Cakes

Matt Models Wife Cakes!

Terry is really not amused

Terry is not impressed with liquorice melon seeds

Wife apparently mainly tastes of sesame seeds, if the biscuits are anything to go by. We were regaled with Matt and Lynn’s adventures in Greece, including an Athens comic convention, armed police and flat dogs. Plus what an unopened,  year’s supply of 2000ADs look like (with added spider).

3 Sleeping Dogs & Curb

Flat Dogs in Greece (Photo by Matt Brooker)

We also got a peek at Matt’s studio, and so can you in his latest video:

After a lovely cuppa and chat we headed into Nottingham, and of course, Page 45. Terry was hoping to see proprietor Stephen Holland, as it was ten years since his last visit to the shop, but alas he wasn’t in. Instead we caught up with Jonathan, got excited about the forthcoming Scott Pilgrim signing and bought yet more swag. I succumbed to The Moomins Cookbook, and will report results when I get a chance to try some recipes. Moomins seem to be very keen on cream and fish.

Outside Page 45

Jay & Terry outside Page 45

We did joke that, as an end to our Caption run, we should continue to take Caption on the road and visit all the other regulars who hadn’t managed to make it this year…. that should keep us busy until next year….