Dino-Saw-Us Stickers 2

Stickers Collected 1

Sunday is always a bit more laid back for the committee, as the set-up is already done. I did my final taxi runs to pick up guests and/or luggage from Milkas and then went back on duty at the reg desk. As it was pretty quiet in terms of new attendees I also joined in the sticker game with attempts at drawing pandas and spaceships. In return I collected some fab stickers… though I did have to hum loudly when conversation turned to Scott Pilgrim #6, which I was hoping to read after Caption. (Edit: Now read it & it was good.)

Dino-Saw-Us Stickers 1

Stickers Collected 2

All of our guests were great this year, as usual, making themselves available to chat and joining in. Several participated in the sticker game, or sat in on other talks, or sat sketching, and Melinda even brought in a big bag of mini-muffins for everyone on Sunday morning!

Al Davison & Melinda Gebbie

Al Davison & Melinda Gebbie

I also got some free time later to sit in the bar chatting with Matt Badham, Paul Rainey and Peet Clack. I valiantly tried to recruit some new committee members to replace Jay and I, as we’d decided to step down after five years, but we’ll have to see if that bears any fruit!

Darryl Cunningham & Sarah McIntyre

Darryl Cunningham being interviewed by Sarah McIntyre

I attended my only programme item of the weekend, which was Sarah McIntyre interviewing Darryl Cunningham about his work. I’ve read bits of Darryl’s work via his livejournal, but hadn’t read anything of length until picking up Psychiatric Tales a few weeks ago. It’s a very powerful book that informs about mental health issues while also using humour to entertain. Having suffered from depression myself, I found Darryl’s autobiographical section at the end of the book to be very moving. The interview was interesting, with the option to pipe up throughout with queries, making it nicely interactive.

I did have to rush off just as it was ending to get back to the Caption table and help Siobhan tot up people’s takings, as there’s always a rush near the end of the con.

Jay and I picked up a big haul of comics, which I’ll be reading over the next few months. Hopefully I’ll also get time to review a few as well. Particularly looking forward to reading There’s No Time Like The Present # 13 by Paul Rainey and then re-reading the whole collection as one huge story dollop. (Edit: Read TNTLTP #13, which was fab, now to re-read the whole set…)

Swag 7


A bit of rushing around and packing up and then it was time to go. We arranged to drive home via Northampton to drop Melinda Gebbie off at home, and were also kidnapping Terry Wiley for a few days. The drive back threatened to be busy with warnings of events at Silverstone, but I think all the bikers had already left. On arriving in Northampton Melinda and her husband Alan Moore invited us in for a cuppa and chocolates, so who were we to resist!

We had a lovely chat about the Caption ethos, and were very pleased to hear that Melinda had enjoyed herself greatly. Alan gave us a sneak peak at some some League of Extraordinary Gentleman in the Sixties pages, and then we went in search of food before Jay and Terry fainted with awe.

Overall, another successful and friendly Caption. Thanks again to all our lovely guests and attendees. I look forward to attending next year….