Coupledom CoverCoupledom by Andrew Waugh

What’s it all about?

Autobiographical strips highlighting incidents in Andrew’s relationship with his girlfriend.

What do I like about it?

It made me laugh. There were moments of recognition, that anyone who’s been in a long term partnership will empathise with, which gives the humour a personal touch.

Andrew successfully portrays various aspects of a relationship, from tenderness to exasperation. Dialogue is used sparingly, as most of the feelings in the strips are conveyed via facial expressions.

Example of a strip from CoupledomWhat about the artwork?

The pages are all laid out in a six panel grid, with very little use of background, but that means the reader’s focus is completely on character interplay and that wonderful range of expressions. The pared down, cartoony style draws you into Andrew’s life and how the couple feel about each other. Sound effects and symbols are also used effectively to add to the humour.

Why might Girly Comic readers like it?

It provides a loving, amusing look at the reality of living together. Likely to appeal to fans of autobiography and/or short comedy strips.