Girly Book at GoshAfter our trip to London we asked if anyone could post a picture of The Girly Comic Book on the shelves at Gosh, and as you can see, Kyle Rogers kindly obliged.

You can also find The Girly Comic on the shelves at Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham.

As I won’t get the chance to review all the comics I picked up at The UK Web & Mini Comix Thing, here’s a round-up of some of those I’ve enjoyed reading so far:

TozoTozo: The Public Servant, Chapter 3 by David O’Connell. I follow Tozo online, but it’s always nice to pick up the paper copy and remind myself of what’s happened so far. Highlights of this issue include Tozo finding his lost love, the party scene which includes other small press creators and characters, and all the extras at the back, including the fold-out map and attached Bank of Venezia money.



Chimpanzee Democracy by Andrew Livesey. Monkeys, aliens, zombies, and taking the mick out of the latest cultural trends. What more can you want from your full colour (mainly six panel) humour strips? I particularly liked the real life Facebook poke stick.

Mugwhump the Great in The Show Must Go On, Chapters 2 & 3 by Roger Langridge. The tale of one ventriliquist and his sentient dummy. Roger does a great job of mixing loveable losers, sinister baddies, and Laurel & Hardy type Vaudeville comedy.

Curtis and Terrorist by Oliver Lambden. Fun one panel or short gag strips around stereotypes and juvenile humour. Great original hand drawn covers. My favourite panel: “Terrorism funds pineapple on pizza. It’s just wrong.” Well, it is just wrong.

Train Lines by Ellen Lindner. Beautiful little colour sketchbook mini, containing portraits sketched on trains in New York and London. Made using a Gocco printer. My favourite is probably the lady gazing wistfully out of the window, but they all have great character and life.

The Unfeasible Adventures of Beaver & Steve, Volume 2 1/2: The Owl of Regret by James Turner. Fun, often surreal humour strips often featuring dinosaurs or mythical creations.

West: Distance by Andrew Cheverton & Tim Keable. A intriguing glimpse into West’s past during the American Civil War, and the love that haunts him. Love the new cover design and colours, plus some lovely layouts contrasting war and nature.

Prick by Tpcat. A wonderfully illustrated book of philosophical comics strips starring fluffy animals, but don’t be fooled by that awfully cute hedgehog on the cover. Oh no, this is one darkly humorous look at the meaning of life,  involving small creatures doing very nasty things to one another. Completely overturned my expectations in interesting ways!