VIOLENT #18 (click to open or right click to save)

56 pages [16.4MB]

Cover by Kev Levell

Space Dude by Darren Douglas

Knuckles by Jay Eales and Chris Askham

The Silent Service by Jay Eales and Paul McCaffrey

Total Fear: Scuffle of the Titans by Curt Sibling

Made Men by Jay Eales and Charley Spencer

S.S.O.B. by Alex Smith

Jonbar Hinge: Take me To Your Cleaner 2 by Jay Eales and Andy Radbourne

Hard-Boiled Hitler: Episode Elf – Private Lives! by Mike Sivier and Stephen Prestwood

Hope you like it! Look out for issue #19 in three months.

If you missed VIOLENT! #17, go here.